Brottweiler’s Webzone

About me

My name is Brott and welcome to my webzone. I'm a Swedish hacker* and I like to play games*, and sometimes you can watch me stream them. My main operating system is Linux*, which means all my games are run on Linux even if they require compability layers. I administer the Project Enyo & Minecraft servers, and you can subscribe to my blog (RSS) if you are interested in following my thoughts. You may block me on all social media.

About this webzone

This is a static webpage and is designed to be basic and simple. If you want a basic static webpage using only HTML & CSS with dark mode support, feel free to fork it. You can host it on GitHub Pages for free, with a custom domain. My blog runs on Bear Blog which is a very small and simple blogging service that's free with no ads.

Cool links

Every website needs a place for cool links, right? Here are some of my favourite links to check out.